Since the beginning we bet for a natural agrology based on the meticulous observation and treatment of the factors influencing our land and habitat, mother of the organic farming. This is based on the continuity of family forms of care of the land we inherited from our ancestors and giving priority to the natural way of doing, maintaining the indigenous minority grapes such as Bobal or White Grenache and producing quality instead of quantity.

Our organic environmental practices seek to enhance the levels of biodiversity and respect the natural cycles, as well as minimize the human impact on the environment. Obviously our organic crops are treated without chemical fertilizers or synthetic pesticides (fungicides, insecticides or herbicides).

The living vegetal cover is one of our soil maintenance techniques, by letting the flora grow naturally. It constitutes an effective care in sustainable agriculture, which helps regulate the retention and water drainage and increases biodiversity and the proliferation of natural enemies of common plagues in the vineyard. It also reduces the risk of erosion, improves soil structure, enriching the soil in organic material and activates microbial life.

Our compost comes from the low pressing of our own grapes, from that part that we will not use to make fine wine, which generates greater microbial activity.

We chose to walk down this road when that meant going against the current and nowadays we try all our projects are organic or at least sustainable meanwhile and drive them to be organic in the near future.

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